Lincolnshire’s Workplace Wellbeing



Active Lincolnshire offers businesses the chance to get active, promote active lifestyles in the workplace and support healthy lifestyles across the county.   In a bid to get more workplaces more active more often, Active Lincolnshire hosts a variety of different events throughout the year.

Introducing activity into the working day can have a number of benefits including: increased productivity and increased morale and team spirit as well as decreased absenteeism and a reduction in staff turnover. It can also improve relationships and business to business networking, plus Active Lincolnshire will share your workplace’s achievements with our contacts through social media and press releases.

At the current time, with many people now working from home, we can offer businesses and organisations advice on how to support their employees physical health and mental wellbeing remotely.

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Click on the image below to view our Workplace Wellbeing guide for an active workplace:

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The Impact of Physical Activity on Mental Health and Productivity at work;

Watch a presentation from Active Lincolnshire’s CEO Emma Tatlow on the benefits of physical activity for wellbeing at work: