Working from home – tips to keep active

Staying Active whilst working from home

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic many of us are having to work from home.  This may mean you’re missing out on an active commute or regular exercise and you might be sitting at your desk (or kitchen table) in front of a screen for long periods with less reason to get up and walk around.

We’ve put together some advice, tips and links to help you keep active if you are working from home. Share how you are getting active at home using the hashtags #LetMoveLincs and  #StayInWorkOut


Top Tips

  • Structure your day and make sure you schedule in some exercise and activity. If you are feeling well, government guidelines currently allow you to go outside for exercise outside as often as you like provided you are following social distancing guidelines.  Try a brisk walk, run or cycle for your ‘morning commute’ or get outside for a walk at lunchtime. If you need to stay indoors then try an online workout to start your day. Find a selection on Sport England’s Stay in Work Out Portal
  • Try to set up a proper work area with your laptop/computer on a desk or table (rather than on your lap). Pay attention to your posture and position of your screen. The NHS have a useful page with advice on this How to sit at your desk correctly 
  • Getting motivated to exercise daily can be harder when you are at home and can’t access your gym, fitness class or sports club. Try setting small goals each week, to keep you motivated, or maybe try an app like Active 10 or Coach to 5K to help motivate you. Putting on your workout clothes straight away when you get up in the morning can be helpful if you plan to work out first thing.
  •  Make sure you get moving when you can: Talking on the phone? Get up and move around whilst you chat; Making a hot drink? Fit in some quick stretches or put some music on and dance whilst you’re waiting for the kettle to boil.


If you’re sitting typing on a computer all day, your neck and shoulders can get tense. Try some stretches, flexibility exercises or yoga to keep you supple and help your posture. We’ve got a few suggestions below:

Rainy Day Desk Yoga from British Heart Foundation

NHS – Flexibility exercises 

Desk Based Exercises from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Mental Health

Working from home during the pandemic can present issues for your mental as well as your physical well-being. Staying active is proven to support your mental health, but there are lots of other things you can do as well, see our Tops Tips for Mental Health page.

For lots of useful advice to support your mental health specifically related to remote working visit The Mental Health at Work website.