Walk In May

Walk Everyday In May

To celebrate National Walking Month (May) Active Lincolnshire is encouraging the people of Lincolnshire to take a walk every day of the month.
This four-week campaign will promote walking over any distance or length of time to improve physical and mental health.
Using the hashtag #WalkInMay we will encourage everyone to share their walking achievements

We are encouraging our partners to get involved with walking month and promote #WalkInMay to your own clients, visitors and audiences. As Covid restrictions ease, people have the chance to explore Lincolnshire, their local areas with friends and family – get out, get social and enjoy the health benefits as a result. Below are a number of ideas and opportunites for how you can share #WalkInMay with your audiences.
If you’d like any more ideas, inspiration or content, contact llara.munn@activelincolnshire.com)

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Together we can get Lincolnshire more active

Key Messages

Walking improves fitness, cardiac health, alleviates depression and fatigue, improves mood, creates less stress on joints and reduces pain, can prevent weight gain, reduce risk for cancer and chronic disease, improve endurance, circulation, and posture. During May we want to spread the benefits of walking to as many people as possible doing the following:

• Encourage active travel: walk to school or work
• Get 20 minutes of walking in a day for #MyTwenty21 challenge
• Sign up for a walking/running event later on in the year after lockdown and use May to kick start your training
• Make it a lifestyle change: take the stairs, go exploring, take a lunchtime stroll, walk your pet
• Try a walking sport, walking tennis, football or netball
• Use a walking app like Buddy Boost or Active 10 to keep motivated. See how many steps you can do in May.

Let’s do more together

How to get involved if your focus is

Education, Children & Young People

Promote the physical and mental health benefits of walking to and from school by engaging with initiatives like:

  • Walk to School Week 2021: This five-day walking challenge from 17-21 MAY 2021 is  the perfect activity to celebrate National Walking Month this May – order your classroom packs now
  • Walking Bus: This can be either informal where a group of children walk to school together with their parents or a formal walking bus in which children walk to school in an organised group with registered parent volunteers looking after them
  • Park & Stride scheme: Where parents and carers who have to drive to or from school are encouraged to park well away from the school gates and walk the last part. Their children can get the benefits of walking some of the way to school and congestion around the school gates is reduced for everyone.
  • WOW: Otherwise known as Walk on Wednesdays or Walk Once a Week, is a way to encourage pupils and parents who usually come by car to regularly walk once a week.
Sports & Physical Activity

Promote grassroots sports and clubs who are returning to play. If your activity is based around walking we can help raise awareness of your club or activity.
Contact our marketing officer Llara (llara.munn@activelincolnshire.com) sending your logo and offer and details of your activity with us and we will share it on our social media throughout the month and ask our partners to do the same.

For example:

  • Walking sports (walking football, tennis, netball)
  • Walking groups
  • Running groups
  • Orienteering groups
Local Community

Walking routes

Promote local walking routes and encourage visitors to safely return to our beautiful green spaces, cafes and venues.
Active Lincolnshire will share walking routes and links to any locations where individuals, groups or friends or families can safely walk.

Contact our marketing officer Llara (llara.munn@activelincolnshire.com) sending your logo and a link to your website and route and we will feature it on our website and share it on our social media throughout the month and ask our partners to do the same.

Active Workplace

If you want to help your employees and colleagues get active, you can promote workplace initiatives/challenges like:

  • walk to work – encourage your team to walk to work, if not the whole journey maybe the last mile?
  • walking meetings – why not walk and talk business
  • active lunch breaks – encourage people to leave their desks at lunchtime
  • take the stairs
  • You can set up team step challenges using an apps such as

Plot A Route
Get Outside
Go Jauntly

HealthCare sector and health professionals:

Include walking in your local promotions to your staff and your clients and patients:

  • Walk to get your vaccination- not only can you promote the health benefits of a walk. it will reduce the number of people in waiting rooms after the vaccination as they don’t have to wait afterwards.
  • Promote walking during pregnancy
  • Promote exercise referral schemes like One You Lincolnshire and social prescribing like Connect to Support
  • Promote Ramblers Wellbeing Walks
  • Promote Park Run and it’s additional programs like parkwalk (an eight week guide to successfully completing a 5k walk)

For more information or to get involved please contact llara.munn@activelincolnshire.com