More people, more active, more often

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To register to take part in the #MyTwenty21 Challenge please click here

And improve your physical and mental health and wellbeing.

‘Challenge Twenty21’ challenges you to move for “twenty” every day.
This can be 20 minutes of:

Walking, pushing, cycling, running, dancing or participating in a home workout

20 repetitions of a movement (push ups, squats, lunges)

Or it could even be a distance, could you achieve a 20km bike ride, 20 lengths of your garden or street or 20 times round the block?

Make the Twenty21 challenge yours, by choosing what works for your current level of ability. You can also choose any type of physical activity, you decide what you enjoy most.

Challenge Twenty21 is a call to action for all of Lincolnshire, let’s move together and inspire and motivate each other to achieve the daily twenty.

Who can take part?

This challenge is open to everybody:
Any ability
Any age
Any gender
Any background
No cost, no equipment, no fitness level required

How do I get involved?

It’s really easy.

  • All you need to do is click here to register (to be eligible for prizes you must be registered)
  • Choose your twenty and do it every day
  • Or follow the monthly challenge offered below

Each month there will be a sponsored monthly challenge and prizes available to those who register.

April’s Monthly Challenge is bought to you by:


VoiceAbility is a national advocacy and involvement organisation for people with disabilities and mental health issues.
In Lincolnshire they support the learning disability partnership. One of the main aims of this partnership is to enable people to keep fit, healthy and lead active and fulfilling lives.

The Challenge:

  • Use this Activity Guide to find exercises to do
  • Fill in your calendar every day with how you got active
  • Share on social media with the hashtag #MyTwenty21 and tag us @Activelincs at the end of the month, or email to to receive a free wristband (we will be in touch to get your postage information)
  • Have fun like Cheryl and Kenneth!

Dancing everyday Rowing everyday

Share your twenty

If you want to share your twenty:

Use the hashtag #MyTwenty21 and share your activity online.

People are more likely to stick to a challenge if they are taking part with a friend or family member or colleague (even if that is virtually). So why not tell your friends and family about your challenge and get them involved!

Why moving is the best medicine

Moving your body everyday benefits your physical and mental health.

  • Boosting your mood, improving your self esteem and self confidence
  • It’s good for your heart and bones
  • It can help you lose weight
  • Ease chronic pain (decreasing inflammation, increasing mobility, and decreasing overall pain levels).

In 2021 we want to encourage everyone in Lincolnshire to be more active everyday.

Your Twenty could be:

    • 20 minutes of walking, yoga or cycling
    • 2 x 10 minutes of jogging
    • 4 x 5minutes dancing in the kitchen
    • 20 sit ups, push ups, squats or star jumps
    • Walk up and down the stairs 20 times
    • Volunteering in your local community 20 times throughout the year
    • Litter picking- could you commit to picking up 20 pieces of litter (making sure you have appropriate protective wear)?

More active inspiration

Buddy Boost App

Get your family or friends involved by using the free and easy to use Buddy Boost app (click here for more information), so you can track your daily activity and work in teams to achieve your targets together. The recommended daily activity time for adults is 26 minutes – on Buddy Boost you can track how many days you have been active for, what activities you did and how it made you feel. You can set up small groups and support each other through the app.

Activity for Children

Active Lincolnshire have worked with students from Bishop Grosseteste University to develop challenges for all children and families to keep active over the holidays. Click here to have a go at the challenges.

Visit our webpage Keeping Children Active to access over 30 free online resources

Stay Safe

If you are unsure about the latest restrictions or guidance concerning sport or physical activity please follow this link to keep informed and stay safe.