This Girl Can Profiles

We’ve been talking to Lincolnshire ladies who love sport to get their thoughts on #ThisGirlCan and find out how they get involved in all things sport. We’ll be adding new profiles every month to celebrate the Sport England campaign to change perceptions of females in sport which launched in January.

IMG_5085Trudy Hanson, Active Lincolnshire

Trudy is the Finance Officer here at Active Lincolnshire and has become more and more active ever since joining the team in January 2012, taking part in activities such as running, spin classes, and being part of the formidable Active Lincolnshire Wheelchair Basketball Team!

We caught up with Trudy about the campaign and her involvement in sport.

Tell us a little bit about your involvement in sport in the past and how that has changed in recent years?

Sport had never been high on my agenda, I used to avoid all forms of sport from an early age. The idea of going to the gym or participating in any sport had never really appealed to me.

What was it that motivated or inspired you to take part in more sport and physical activity?

Since working for Active Lincolnshire I have had the opportunity to see and hear about so many more ways that I can take part in sport and exercise. We often go running in small groups or attend classes together after work and we’ve been able to take part in Workplace Challenge tournaments as well. It’s a very active team, as you can imagine being a sports organisation, so there’s always somebody doing or talking about some sort of activity, so you can’t help but get involved!

WCBBWhat barriers have you faced in participating in sport and physical activity?

There have been no physical barriers stopping me participating in sport. It has always been my lack of interest that has been the only thing stopping me previously but since joining Active Lincolnshire, I’ve really enjoyed taking part in lots of different types of exercise!

Do you have any advice for women and girls wanting to get more involved with sport?

If you can find a willing friend, a fitness buddy is a real incentive as you can keep each other going!

What are your thoughts on the #ThisGirlCan campaign?

I think anything that encourages more women and girls to be active can only be seen as a really positive thing. Hopefully it will break down some of the traditional barriers associated with females and sport and more and more women will be thinking about getting active, whether that’s through a new sport, going to the gym or just going out for a jog or bike ride.


Visit for more information about the campaign.