Lincolnshire PE and Sport Federation


The main aims of the Lincolnshire PE & Sport Federation are:

  1. Act as a body to receive and distribute any future funding for county sport
  2. Provide in house CPD delivered by teachers with specialisms in schools within the county
  3. A group to discuss ‘hot topics’ which may shape PE & School Sport within the county
  4. Create a centralised web site for PE and Sport within the county; contacts / teacher support / networking / county competitions / county trials dates

In order for this group to provide support for county sport the Lincolnshire PE & Sport Federation (LPESF) has requested £1500 from each super zone. Each school currently pays into their super zone to help support competitive sport in their own zone. £1500 per super zone being a required amount to ‘bridge the gap’ left by LCC funding ending and this would be used to support county competitions and county representative sport


Role 2016/17 2015/16
Chair TBC Simon Lovatt (Skegness Grammar School)
Treasurer TBC Alan Gunter (Priory Ruskin Academy)
Secretary TBC Coastal & Wolds Super Zone

A representative from each Super Zone should be present at all LPESF meetings.



Date Location Minutes

Supported Sports

Sport Purpose Funding Received (£) Bid Details
Cross Country