School-Club Links for Schools

School-Club Links are an agreement between a school and a community based sports club.

Schools and clubs agree to:

  • Work together
  • Meet the needs of young people
  • Provide new and varied opportunities
  • Help in realising ambitions.

What to do if you are a School:

  1. Propose the idea to the PE department.
  2. Address key questions: Is the PE department interested in setting up a school-club link? Why do you want to develop a link? Which clubs do you wish to target? Who from the school will lead on the link? What are you able to offer the club i.e, facilities and signposting.
  3. Contact Active Lincolnshire to receive support on your next step. Email or call 01522 730 325 and ask to speak to Lynsey Norris.
  4. Establish if your targeted club provides a suitable environment.
  5. Contact your local club.
  6. If the club is interested in setting up a link, arrange a time to meet up and discuss: The effectiveness of links will be down to the commitment of people involved. It is vital that both school and club are committed to a link and that you are in regular communication.
  7. Put your plan into action and sign a school-club link agreement form.
  8. Monitor the number of young people joining the club from your school: Keep a register of the number of young people attending the sessions.

For more information or to become a part of School Club links contact Active Lincolnshire on 01522 730 325 or email