One Network

The One Network is a collaboration of not for profit organisations seeking to increase the quality and quantity of physical activity, PE, play, community and school Sport.


To improve the lives of young people through habitual physical activity.


Every child in Lincolnshire is leading a physically active life, regardless of age, wealth, gender, ability or circumstance.

Goals and objectives:

To create an active society by improving awareness, knowledge and communication through campaigns and community-based programmes. Providing education and training to upskill and train the professional workforce.
To support improvements to active place through active travel (supporting increased walking and cycling through improvements in infastructure) and access to open spaces and facilities and green networks.
To help create active people by strengthening access to good quality physical education, ensuring positive experiences and opportunities for students. To ensure engagement with the least active groups through development and strengthening of programmes and services that increase opportunities for activity in the least active.
To strengthen policy frameworks, leadership and governance systems that support physical activity and reduce sedentary behaviour, thereby creating an active system. Alongside this to support stronger and more sustainable financing mechanisms for implementation of work that aims to increase physical activity.

The One Network is the children and families themed group for the Lincolnshire Physical Activity Taskforce supporting Let’s Move Lincolnshire. It is recognised by Lincolnshire Learning Partnership and Lincolnshire County Council Children’s Services, along with being identified in the One Plan.


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