Wheelchair Sports

There are a number of wheelchair sports on offer in Lincolnshire including basketball, rugby, tennis, football and more.

The British Wheelchair Sports Foundation (BSWF) is the national organisation for wheelchair sport in the UK. Based at the national wheelchair sports centre in Stoke Mandeville,  the Foundation exists to provide, promote and develop opportunities for men, women and children with disabilities to participate in recreational and competitive wheelchair sport.

Find out more about the BSWF.

More specific Wheelchair Sports websites:

Great Britain Wheelchair Basketball

The Great Britain Wheelchair Basketball Association (GBWBA) is the governing body for wheelchair basketball in the United Kingdom.

Contact the GBWBA
Tel: 01509 279 900

Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby

Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby Limited (GBWR) is the National Governing Body (NGB) for wheelchair rugby in England, Scotland and Wales.

Contact the GBWR
Tel: 020 8831 7645

Email:  info@gbwr.org.uk (General Enquiries) or involved@gbwr.org.uk (To get involved)


Angus Drew

Tel: 01522 730 325

Email: angus.drew@lincolnshiresport.com