New Age Kurling

New Age Kurling is an adapted form of the original curling game played on ice.

New Age KurlingThe game is adapted so that it can be played indoors on any smooth, flat surface, such as a sports hall. Importantly, the game can be played by both able-bodied and disabled people of all ages alike.

The game is played by pushing stones comprising of bearings along the ground towards a target with the idea being to get as many of your stones closer to the centre of the target than your opponents stones.

This has quickly became a popular Sport and for the first time disabled people can play with or against able-bodied people on an equal level. The sport is now played all over the world, with national and international competitions.

A major recruitment drive is under way at present as we need to prove that there are at least 5000 active Kurlers before the sport will be recognised by Sport England.

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