The Angling Trust is the representative body for coarse, game, and sea anglers in England.

Angling (or fishing) is the sport of catching fish, freshwater or saltwater, typically with rod, line, and hook.

There are three types of angling:

Coarse Angling is the most popular type of angling. Anglers fish for coarse fish in rivers, lakes, pinds and canals and do so by either float fishing, ledgering, or spinning.  All freshwater fish are classed as coarse fish with the exception of trout, sea trout, salmon and char.

Game Angling is the term used for fishing game fish: trout, sea trout, salmon and char. This type of angling requires skill, patience and practice. The most common technique when game angling is fly fishing.

Sea Angling is fishing in the sea and therefore takes place close to the shore on beaches, harbours, piers and boats or offshore over wrecks.

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