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By Charlotte Pedley on October 1st, 2020 - comments

Annual Review Cover ImageWe’re delighted to share with you the Active Lincolnshire annual review for 2019-20.

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The review showcases the range of activity delivered by Active Lincolnshire during this period, aligned with our vision of providing ways for the people of Lincolnshire to be more active, more often.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Active Lincolnshire’s wheelchair sports programme that has supported 40,000 people since inception
  • The culmination of the 4 year ‘Get Out Get Active’ programme which developed access to activities on the east coast for older adults and people with disabilities
  • The launch of ‘Let’s Move Lincolnshire’ – commitment from countywide stakeholders to provide access to physical activity to everyone in Lincolnshire
  • The celebration of the sports and physical activity sector in Lincolnshire at the annual high profile Lincolnshire Sport and Physical Activity Awards 2019

As we now find ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic, the importance of improving and supporting the health and wellbeing of our communities has perhaps never been so well recognised and understood.

The adult population of Lincolnshire is more inactive than the national average – and it has been this way for many years. Our children’s activity levels are ‘average’, however one third of children in Lincolnshire are inactive. Active Lincolnshire is committed to driving change in these activity levels, recognising that we can’t do this on our own.

So, it is time to ensure we as Active Lincolnshire and those who influence the decisions that impact our ability to increase levels of physical activity in the county are fit for the future.  A whole system approach is the only way we can, together, make the changes required. Let’s Move Lincolnshire is the platform through which we can all do that and Active Lincolnshire is committed to supporting this movement alongside our public, private and third sector partners.

Activities 4 All

Covid-19 has provided us all with an opportunity to rethink and reframe our countywide approach to making physical activity more accessible to all. As we know, the pandemic has increased inequalities – in many ways – including health. Our work on the Tackling Inequalities programme has gone some way to supporting people most in need with access to opportunities to be physically active and the process has enabled us to work in new ways, make new connections and support meaningful programmes.

As we look to a fitter future for Lincolnshire, we will focus our efforts to work with partners to address the needs of our inactive population and provide a pathway into more formal physical activity and sport settings and opportunities through:

  1. Supporting the club, sport and physical activity sector to survive and thrive beyond Covid; considering how we can provide access and options for our less active communities and support the development of our sporting elite
  1. Active Places – Place based, locally relevant delivery focusing on the people and areas with greatest need; and using our places – the open spaces, coastline, natural and built environments to enable activity
  1. Active Systems – Influencing policy and governance to ensure all partners are committed to making Lincolnshire fit for the future; supporting active design, planning and infrastructure decisions to ensure our communities can be physically active in the places they live
  1. Active Societies – Provide education and awareness about the benefits of physical activity, informed by insight and understanding the needs of our diverse audiences how to remove the barriers they face to incorporate physical activity as part of a daily way of life to drive behavior change
  1. Connecting with the wider health system in Lincolnshire, providing pathways into physical activity through social prescribing and other mechanisms to support the prevention strategy, ultimately reducing health inequalities and pressure on our health resources.

The benefits of individuals moving more and reaching the activity targets set by the World Health Organisation are wide reaching;

  • Mental health and well-being – physical activity can help low level anxiety and depression, that are on the rise
  • Physical health and well-being – increasing physical activity levels decreases the risk of health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, muscular skeletal issues, respiratory and chronic illnesses
  • Community cohesion
  • Economic development supported by a productive healthy workforce; increasing productivity at work and reducing the health treatment resources required

woman walking near the Lincolnshire coastSupporting a more physically active population will bring economic, social and community benefits.

As Active Lincolnshire looks to play our part in ensuring we are all fit for the future, we have committed to working with stakeholders from across the county; local authorities, the community and voluntary sector, the GLLEP and private sector businesses, sports clubs and activity providers, public health, the NHS and the CCG (and more) while delivering on our remit of implementing the national Sport England strategy here in Lincolnshire.

So, if you want to support our mission to be fit for the future and ensuring more people are more active more often in Lincolnshire, please get in touch for a conversation.

Emma Tatlow

Chief Executive Officer

If you’d like a printed copy of the annual report, email