Community Emergency Fund Case Study

By Charlotte Pedley on July 27th, 2020 - comments

Through their Community Emergency Fund (CEF) Sport England made a funding pot of up to £20 million available for community organisations who had a role in keeping the nation active to help them stay afloat during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Active Lincolnshire has worked with local clubs and organisations across the region to support them in their applications to get hold of these funds.

CEF case study - AndySeventy eight Lincolnshire clubs and organisations have received between £300 and the maximum £10,000 a total of £235,026 CEF (averaging £3,013) each, to support them through these difficult times.

Below is a Case Study of just one of these organisations, highlighting the vital support the Community Emergency Fund has provided in helping organisations stay afloat and in allowing them to continue to help people in Lincolnshire to keep active and healthy.

Case Study

Vital Stepping Stones, headed up by Liz Clews and based in West Lindsey were successful in their Community Emergency Fund application through Sport England back in May. The fund was brought about to help local community sport and physical activity deliverers recover and continue their service during and following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Below is a testimonial from Andy, a beneficiary of the service during the pandemic.

I suffer with COPD and it takes me a good 2 hours in the mornings to get going. I have no energy. I do believe it is work related as I’ve been a plumber pipe fitter all my life. Very dusty environment with no protective PPE back in the day. I also broke both my ankles simply getting off the settee and falling.With the Covid-19 lockdown I was 3-4 months inside my house alone. No-one came around it was so depressing. I felt very low and vulnerable.

 I am now getting about, and when going to my blood test I bumped into Liz Clews.  At one time I was fit enough to attend a fitness session. I’d now come to think this was never going to happen again.

 However, Liz offered me 1-2-1 exercise in the home to get me going after receiving some funding via Sport England.  I couldn’t have been more chuffed and felt quite excited of the thought that I could possibly build some strength back in my thighs and improve my breathing.

 The biggest thing that was getting me down was my lack of confidence.  She helped me with some really effective breathing patterns for when I’m in bed trying to get to sleep and when I wake and get myself better prepped for moving again.

 I cannot thank Liz enough for helping me at such a low eb. I am going to continue to have these 1-2-1 sessions with the aim to attend a mature fitness session when everything returns to normal.