Lincolnshire youth taking steps in the right direction

By Llara Munn on December 17th, 2019 - comments

The second annual Sport England survey of activity levels in children and young people has been released.

Overall it shows a rise in activity levels across England of 3.6% (of children in England doing an average of 60 minutes or more of physical activity a day).

sport england image

In Lincolnshire the results are also very positive with an increase of almost 10% of students achieving 30 mins or more physical activity in school, and 6% outside of school from 2017/18.

Changes in Lincolnshire from 2017/18 to 2018/19:

Sport england graph 2018 to 2019

sport england graph 2018 to 2019 outside school


Government guidelines recommend that children and young people should get 30 minutes of their daily physical activity in the school day and 30 minutes outside of school.

The figures show that in Lincolnshire 61.8% of children are doing 30 minutes or more of physical activity outside of school, compared to 49% at school.

The survey also shows that active children are happier, more resilient and more trusting of others and it’s also shown a positive association between being active and higher levels of mental wellbeing, individual development and community development.

To read the full report please click here.