Changes to Bikeability

By Llara Munn on December 17th, 2019 - comments

Bikeability is the modern day equivalent of Cycling Proficiency and available to all schools across Lincolnshire.

Covering three levels the training gives riders the confidence they need to cycle in a variety of on-road and off-road environments. Levels 1 & 2 are available for primary schools whilst Level 3 is available for Year 6 pupils and secondary schools.

Bikeability aims to encourage more pupils to cycle by equipping them with the skills and confidence to make short journeys by bicycle such as to school. This benefits schools by leading to more attentive, healthier and fitter pupils as well as helping to improve local communities by reducing congestion and improving air quality.

In recent years the delivery of Bikeability in Lincolnshire has been taken on by Outspoken Training in partnership with Lincolnshire County Council. Outspoken Training have a wealth of experience in delivering Bikeability having been involved in instructor training in Lincolnshire and delivering Bikeability in neighbouring counties.

Over the past year a financial contribution has been introduced to Bikeability delivery to be paid by schools. This has been introduced for two reasons.

Firstly; the amount of per/head grant available to fund Bikeability places has remained static for several years. The pressures of inflation mean this money is stretched thinner and thinner every year. By introducing a charge now we secure the delivery of training, and its quality, in Lincolnshire for years to come.

Secondly; in 2016 the total amount of funding awarded to Lincolnshire was reduced. This has meant that training couldn’t be offered to every child who wanted it. This charge has meant that all money raised is put straight back into training, bringing the number of children able to be trained in Lincolnshire back to pre-reduction levels.

The contribution is currently set at £120 per group of (up to) 12 trainees and is paid directly to Outspoken Training.

Please note that Level 3 training remains FREE.

To discuss booking your school for training please contact Outspoken on 01223 473820 or email or visit