Physical Activity is “no longer just a nice to have.”

By Llara Munn on April 3rd, 2019 - comments

More than 125 teachers from across Lincolnshire attended the PE, school sport and physical activity conference (PESSPA) at Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln on Friday 29 March.

The conference underlined the critical role that physical activity plays in the health and wellbeing of children.  Keynote speaker, Dr William Bird of Intelligent health, emphasised this message in his opening address when he stated “physical activity is no longer just a nice to have add on, it is something utterly essential”.

Delegates took part in workshops where a range of options that incorporate fun activity into the classroom were explored. The workshops focused on the need for easy, short, fun activities that are accessible for all, which is in line with research recently released by Sport England that stated that enjoyment is the biggest driver of activity levels in children.

The conference, now in its eighth year, was opened up to early years and secondary teachers for the first time, an acknowledgment of the need to address activity levels across a young person’s whole school experience.

Feedback from the delegates during the day was overwhelmingly positive, Karen Parsons, CEO at Children’s Links, said “I came with some of my team to the conference for the first time this year because early years was on the agenda.
The pre-school years are so important in a child’s life. If we can embed good behaviours and get the whole family on board before children start school, then I believe this will contribute hugely to a much more active Lincolnshire.”

Dr William Bird’s presentation focused on the compelling scientific research that physical activity improves children’s concentration and behaviour, promotes life long good health that starts at childhood and creates a better, more sociable environment.

He delved into the science behind what causes human’s to age (delegates were fast tracked to experts on mitochondria, telomeres and inflammation) and examined the only known drug to slow down and reverse the effects of aging, which he called Fiterix, or in other words “going for a walk”.

Delegates found the keynote brilliant, the full speech is available on the Active Lincolnshire facebook page by following this link and feedback of the event and presentations can be viewed here.

Danny Cowley was on hand to close the conference, keeping the audience engaged with his knowledge and experience over 15 years of teaching, to read more about his message please click here.