Healthy Hoops make a “wheely” big entrance at the CEO Wheelchair Basketball Challenge.

By Louise O'reilly on March 7th, 2018 - comments

The Active Lincolnshire’s CEO challenge took place in February at the Priory City of Lincoln Academy where 12 teams went head to head across 10 five minute games that crowned Healthy Hoops from Public Health the winner of the cup and The Campaign for Actual Spokespeople from Lincoln City Council as the winners of the plate.

Active Lincolnshire board members joined staff from the Lincolnshire Police, Fire Service, Council, Public Health and North Kesteven District Council for an evening of networking and team building using the exhilarating and exciting sport of wheelchair basketball.

Teams of four worked together not only to play basketball, but to learn how to control both the wheelchair and their movement on the court. This created a level playing field that saw teams grow in confidence throughout the games as they gained insight into disability sport.

Active Lincolnshire has been running the wheelchair basketball program since 2009 and has seen 35,000 + people take part. It is especially popular in schools where it gives children a chance to gain empathy and understanding of those with disabilities. Ian Brown from Active Lincolnshire works on the program and he believes the reason for the success, especially with young people, is their perception of people with disabilities before and after taking part in the sport: “before taking part 95% of children’s opinion of those with disabilities is negative, however after the 12 week program this dropped to 5%”.

It is a sport of skill and adaptability more so than overall physical fitness, giving those “less sporty” people an opportunity to outperform their own expectations and preconceived ideas of their ability level. Having said that, this is a sweaty sport that leaves your arms aching from muscles you have never used before.

The teams that improved the most were those that called out to each other, managed the court well and supported each other. Big smiles, high fives and laughter were shared after each bout as teams went about overcoming the physical obstacle the wheelchair presented and grew in respect for those who can’t jump out at the end of a game and stand for the podium photo.


Active Lincolnshire hopes to use this platform to create a new league that comes together to compete and network. If your company is looking for an opportunity to get their workforce active and feels this might be the right choice for you please contact Ian at
T: 01522 730 325 Extension: 202