Pupils Get Dance Fever for artsNK’s DanceFit

By Zoe Conville on June 15th, 2017 - comments

artsNK’s dance team is currently working with four primary schools within North Kesteven to deliver a new project encouraging children to increase their physical activity and become healthier.

The Dance Fit project uses dance as the medium to explore healthy lifestyles and diet, increasing activity levels and boosting wellbeing. The project addresses the National Obesity agenda and works in line with North Kesteven District Council’s Physical Activity Strategy and National Obesity pilot with Leeds Beckett University.

dancefitA pupil fills in their DanceFit workbook







Washingborough Academy is one of the first schools to trial the programme. Kelly Robinson, class teacher at Washingborough Academy, told artsNK: “The programme so far has been fantastic as I have been amazed at the results which I have seen since it began. Nearly all the children’s flexibility has already increased (after a term) and the children are so enthusiastic about coming to the lesson.

“The skills they are using have developed so much also- at the beginning of the term they couldn’t hold the plank position for longer than 30 seconds and now they are able to do so at greater length. Additionally, children’s timing and rhythm has significantly improved; they are much more in time with the music and can now keep in time with the movements which are taught.

“Overall, the children love the lesson! They love wearing the fitbits and tracking their steps and heart rate and there is always such a buzz around the room whilst the session is on.”

The project is being run as a trial in 2016 – 17 to evaluate its success and impact on the young people taking part. Any Lincolnshire Primary Schools interested in being part of the project should contact Amy.osullivan@litc.org.uk. For more information you can also visit the artsNK website by clicking here.

A pupil checks their wristband step count during a DanceFit session