Jog Lincolnshire

Jog Lincolnshire is an exciting county wide project which aims to encourage people to be more active by jogging on a regular basis.

Jog Lincolnshire is suitable for all abilities of jogging – if you haven’t run before, feel as though now is the time to start being more active, or want an easy to use website to map your progress then Jog Lincolnshire is for you.

Jog Lincolnshire offers qualified Run Leaders to guide you from dusting off your trainers to achieving your personal goal within a group of people of similar fitness levels. The run leaders will be located around the County and will offer lead runs which you can book on on-line.

It is a great way of joining in with a group activity or using the websites mapped runs to find a new run in your area.

The  website has been designed with the jogger / runner in mind. Once you sign up you can build your profile adding runs every time you go. The information will be stored on your ‘Stats’ page which will show your personal bests times. The ‘Events’ page will list all the organised events across the County including 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon to give you your next goal. You can also leave messages for your Run Leader for hints and tips to improve your running.

How can I get involved?

Sign up for free…

Visit our new and exciting website for Jog Lincolnshire here and sign up free today!

Advertise your runs…

Please get in touch if:

  • you are a jogging / running club and would like to advertise your runs through the website
  • you are interested in becoming a Run Leader
  • you would more information about the programme

Jog Lincolnshire is perfect if you enjoy solo running or running within a group

If you have any further questions, please contact Lynsey Norris or Rachel Belcher on 01522 585 580.