Couch to 5k

Couch to 5k is a running programme which encourages you to get off the couch and get running!

Taking up running can seem like a scary prospect, especially if you feel out of shape or unfit.

One of the biggest challenges a novice runner faces is not knowing how or where to start. Often when trying to get into exercise, you can overdo it, feel defeated and give up when you’re just getting started.

Coach to 5k can help you  gradually work up towards running 5K in just 9 weeks.

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One You Couch to 5K app

The One You Couch to 5K app gives you a choice of coaches and helps you track your progress.

As well as Laura who features on the NHS Couch to 5K podcasts, you can also be coached by celebrities Jo Whiley, Sarah Millican, Sanjeev Kohli or Michael Johnson.

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