The Taskforce

Lincolnshire’s Physical Activity Taskforce (LPAT) has a shared vision and commitment to tackling low levels of physical activity across the county.

It’s a partnership of more than 60 partners from the public, private and voluntary sectors that came together to help to deliver the Physical Activity strand of Lincolnshire’s Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy in June 2018.

It was set up to oversee a new physical activity strategy – A Blueprint for a More Active Lincolnshire – and the partners have set ambitious goals to transform how we live, work, play and travel in Lincolnshire.


LPAT’s Statement of Intent


Why we need a new strategy

We know that we are leading increasing sedentary lives. In Lincolnshire, more than 30% of us are doing less than thirty minutes of activity a week. This is bad for our health, causes us to get illnesses earlier in life and affects our mental health and wellbeing.

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