Sport, Physical Activity and Trans People: The Basics

Course details

Remote delivery training session

‘Sport, Physical Activity and Trans People: The Basics’ is an entry-level session that introduces the key ideas and information people need to know about trans inclusion within grassroots sport and physical activity settings.

The session will:

■ Explain what ‘trans’ means and describe the diversity of those who might use the term
■ Introduce key concepts crucial to understanding trans people
■ List the main legislation relating to trans identities
■ Outline trans inclusive practice in grassroots sport and physical activities
■ Provide links to further resources and help


The session is delivered remotely and lasts 120 minutes (including a short comfort break)


Up to 35 people

Session outline:

Introduction Considering Sex and Gender
● The context of sex and gender diversity

Language and Terminology
● What does ‘trans’ mean? Who might use the term?
● Straightforward guidance on managing language

The Law and Trans People
● Three key laws that apply
● Gender affected sports

Becoming Trans Aware and Trans Inclusive
● Good practice – steps towards achieving trans equality and inclusion in grassroots sport and physical activity
● Case study

● Gendered Intelligence and other resources

Evaluation and Close

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