Challenge Twenty21

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What is Challenge Twenty21?

This challenge originated as a call to action to support people with a disability to get active as we strive to recover from the pandemic. People with learning and physical disabilities were disproportionately impacted by reduced activity during the covid pandemic.

From this critical need to engage and provide opportunities for people with disabilities to move for at least 20 minutes a day came the desire to share this message with everybody in Lincolnshire to keep active and would benefit from an achievable daily target.

Active Lincolnshire are inviting businesses, organisations, community and activity groups and local clubs from across the county to get involved with Challenge #Twenty21.
We’ve created a toolkit for you to use. If you want to get involved, we ask that you use the logo as supplied, there is also a flyer, some suggested social media content and hashtags.
We’re also looking for sponsors for the monthly challenges and themes that you may want to get involved with and share onto your members and clients.

What are the key messages?

  • Move for twenty everyday of 2021
    This can be as unique as the individual; choose your twenty, be it 20 minutes, 20 repetitions or 20 miles/km/meters and then chose your activity, walking, cycling, volunteering, lifting weights, yoga etc We also recognise the importance of doing things together and helping others, and therefore suggest challenges could also look at volunteering or doing something for your local community.
  • Twenty is the aim, but more is even better
    The recommended activity levels for adults are 26 minutes a day.
  • Work together
  • Involve family or friends.
    Using the free Buddy Boost app participants can track daily activity time and type and work in teams to achieve targets together

Get Involved:

It’s easy to get involved. If you want to use the Challenge Twenty21 campaign to encourage your members, clients, customers and contacts to move more you just need to:

  • Download the Challenge Twenty 21 toolkit and make it relevant to you and your organisation.
  • Use the logo to show you are taking part in the Challenge
  • Use the posters to display – or send electronically to your users
  • Email your users and let them know you are part of Challenge Twenty21
  • Share on your website and social media channels
  • Share with your colleagues, your business contacts, and your own friends and, family
  • Share your experiences with our Marketing Officer ( to get more exposure
  • We’re encouraging participants to share their twenty on social media using the hashtag #MyTwenty21

Monthly Challenges

Active Lincolnshire are inviting businesses, organisations, community and activity groups, clubs from across the county to get involved with Challenge #MyTwenty21.
Each month we are looking for organisations to sponsor by setting the challenge for that month. Setting a monthly challenge for participants to achieve gives direction and promotes both the challenge and the sponsor.

April is sponsored by Voiceability
May is sponsored by Active Nation
June is sponsored by Visit Lincoln

To find out more about sponsoring please get in touch by emailing