Become a Sports Coach

If you would like to become a sports coach and live in Lincolnshire, then Active Lincolnshire can help you.

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Coaching Qualifications

UKCC coaching qualifications

Almost all National Governing Bodies coaching qualifications are based around the UK Coaching Certificate. The UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC) is a national initiative to endorse coach education programmes, across sports throughout the UK, against agreed criteria including:

  • The endorsement of the coaching qualification each coach will take
  • The development of appropriate resources to deliver effective and high quality coach education programmes
  • Quality assured administration of coach education provision
  • Quality assured training provision of coach education programmes

For sports clubs, the UKCC will mean that the coaches you bring into your club, or the members whom you train as coaches, will have been trained to a recognised standard of competency.

For parents, this also means that whoever is coaching their children will have been properly prepared to provide appropriate coaching.

There are 4 levels for the UKCC, below is a brief summary of the levels:

  • UKCC 1: Assisting a more qualified coach in planning and delivering aspects of a session, under supervision
  • UKCC 2: Preparing, delivering and reviewing a coaching session on your own
  • UKCC 3: Planning, delivering and evaluating on an annual programme of coaching
  • UKCC 4: Design, implement and evaluate the process and outcome of long-term specialist coaching programme

The UK Coaching Framework

The UK Coaching Framework has been designed by Sports Coach UK to create a coaching system where skilled coaches support participants at all stages of their development. Their aim is for the UK to become the worlds leading coaching system by 2016.

They are focusing on the development of 5 areas:

  • The UK Coaching System: Create clear pathways for participants, coaches and clear coaching strategies at all levels.
  • Front-line Coaching: Recruit and retain qualified coaches whilst maximising the role of coaches in the education sector.
  • Support for Coaches: To establish effective education and development of coaches and coaching qualifications.
  • A Professionally Regulated Vocation: Raise the profile of coaching whilst establishing it as a professionally regulated vocation.
  • Research and Development: Ongoing research and development into all aspects of coaching and resources

The implications for coaching in Lincolnshire will be:

  • Increased support for coaches
  • Greater career development opportunities
  • Minimum standards of deployment recognised by NGBs and Sports Coach UK
  • Sustained and increased participation in Sport
  • Clear career pathways for coaches

For more information and advice about how to go into coaching please contact our Workforce Team on or 01522 730 325.