Join In Local Sport

Join In‘Join In’ and attract new members to your sports club.

Sports clubs and community groups are being asked to host an event for the Join In weekend on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th August 2012, to attract new members, helpers and supporters.

The aim is for every sports club or community group in the UK to put on a special event or activity on the Join In Weekend – capturing the enthusiasm for sport that we know this summer’s sporting events will generate.

Whether clubs want to sign up more members, supporters or volunteers, this will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attract local people who may never have come to their club before. And Join In will help them to do it.

Lord Sebastian Coe, Chair of LOCOG, said: “We are really happy to support Join In. Millions will be inspired this summer and I hope this creates opportunities in every community for people to join in their local sports clubs.”

How does Join In work?

You put on a fun event, Join In give you a ‘kitbag’ of resources and spread the word – helping you to find new members and supporters

Why Join In?

It’s a golden opportunity to capture the enthusiasm for local sport that the Olympic and Paralympic Games will generate

When is Join In?

The Join In Weekend is 18/19th August, the weekend after the Olympics and before the Paralympics

Who is Join In for?

Everyone! Clubs are hosting special activities for all ages and levels—it’s all about having fun and joining in

Get Involved and register your event today!

Visit and register your event – you’ll get free access to the resource kitbag, ideas for your event and lots more.


There is a Handball just play event at The Showroom from 12-3pm on the 18th and 19th August and free to all 10-18 year olds. Go along!