A total of 8,000 inspirational people will carry the Olympic Torch as it journeys across the UK before arriving at the Olympic Stadium during the opening ceremony.

The torchbearer scheme aims to recognise and reward people with a story of personal achievement or those who have contributed to their community.

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Natalie Simpson

It’s hard to put into words exactly how it felt carrying the Olympic Torch because it was such an overwhelming experience. My whole afternoon was a whirlwind; meeting the other incredible torchbearers, being taken on the bus, dropped off in front of a crowd of hundreds of excitable spectators and, of course, the 300m run with the Olympic Flame!

To begin with I was very nervous, sweaty hands didn’t bode well for keeping hold of the torch, the last thing I wanted to do was drop it!

All of us spent the hour prior to the torch arriving practising our run to master the right speed to go in order to savour our ‘moment to shine’, as well as getting our waves perfect.

There was a great team spirit between all the torchbearers and as each of us was dropped off at our start point we were clapped and cheered on. We were literally given our torch and pushed off the bus to stand on the side of the road to wait for the flame to come.

Waiting for those six minutes seemed to be the longest six minutes ever! I was asked to pose for so many photos, having children and babies thrown at me so parents could get photos of their children with the torch. I’m pretty sure that my smile was more of a grimace for the first few minutes as I was so shocked and taken aback by the support and the expectation of the people who had turned out to watch the torch relay.

When I could see the torch approaching I was ushered into the centre of the road, my knees still shaking with nerves, ready to complete the kiss (passing of the flame between torchbearers) and start my run. For the full 300m I was spurred on by the crowds around me, including all my family and friends, and I smiled and waved all the way.

I was accompanied by some very nice police officers and felt completely safe in their hands, we had been instructed to just enjoy our moment and leave anything technical up to them, which filled me with a lot of confidence.

When passing on the flame to the next runner I could feel myself welling up and as soon as I got back onto the bus I burst into tears, the adrenalin of the whole experience was like nothing I had ever done before. It was just incredible.

It was such an honour to be part of the torch relay, a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will remember forever!

Amy-May Saunders

Amy May Saunders  Amy May Saunders

Hometown – Lincoln
Carrying the flame through – Grimsby
Tuesday 26th June 2012

Amy-may’s nomination story

“Amy-May is an amazing inspiration and role model to all of the gymnasts at the club. She coaches at least four times per week and does many hours out of the gym, choreographing routines for the individual gymnasts and for team displays- she has a real flair for this. At a weekend she will support gymnasts who are competing which leaves her very little personal time however she still manages to have a social life and study for her A levels with her aim being to attend Loughborough University. Her other passion is athletics and she has come back from significant injury, a snapped Achilles to compete at her favorite event of 100m ( at which she was previously ranked seventh in the UK).She is so interested in sport and inspires others to take their interest further, she is currently a Level1 Gymnastics coach and is studying for her Level 2, encouraging others to do the same. Her technical knowledge of her sport is immense however she constantly strives to increase her knowledge and she demonstrates to others that hard work and dedication gives results- even if that is purely increased enjoyment. To me and to so many others, she reassures me that the future looks bright with young people with the values of Amy May.” Amy-May officially opened the Lincolnshire School Games on Wednesday 27th June 2012 at Lincoln Castle Academy and Yarborough Leisure Centre.