Sports Members Event Coordinator

Suggested Supplementary Income Range for 1 Area
Estimated £3k to £8k for 4 to 10 Hours Per Week

Location: All areas of Lincolnshire & Nationwide

Hours: 4 to 10 Hours per Week – Depending on Availability

We have for offer an exciting and truly unique new opportunity working for our clients brand new Sports Event venture to provide a social service to local communities. As a Sports Membership Event Coordinator for a defined area, you will work for yourself under the umbrella of a growing sports events company. The events company provides venue purchasing strength and a brand and structure that will make your events, services and income truly sustainable. As you become established use some of the participants to oversee your events and duplicate what you have done to 2,3 or 4 areas to double, triple, quadruple the stated income  for 1 area.
As the owner of your own specific area(s) of the UK you will be part of a national chain of sports event coordinators. Under the guidance and support of the sports event company you will build your membership numbers to a minimum threshold and a maximum without limits and then coordinate local sporting events that you will tailor to your customer group of men aged between 28 and 55. All supported by a local social media campaign for membership and events, run for you and weekly video calls you can join to learn and share best practice.

Role and responsibilities
As the Sports Members Event Coordinator your role and responsibilities include:
•  Building the member numbers from the ground with face to face member registration
•  Identifying and organising sport event types that will be popular for your members
•  Maximising the experience of your customers to keep them coming back
•  Ensuring people play sport with the low level of aggression expected by this target group
•  Identifying and agreeing with company support venues and providers, days & times for events
•  Venue assessment, does it provide what the event needs?, is it safe? Is there parking?
•  Providing basic required equipment for events you run, example a football and bibs
•  Ensure there is an event coordinator at each event, example a coach or briefed backup
•  Provide feedback and opportunities to support encouragement of national participation

Skill set
The ideal profile of Sports Members Event Coordinator will include:
•  Passion for sports participation
•  Desire to contribute to society and help to reduce the stat that 1 in 5 men die before 65
•  A patient, sociable, friendly personality with whom people like to play sport
•  Knowledge of type of sports events that the target group would enjoy to play.
•  An ability to adapt and adjust the event products to keep people interested.
•  A willingness to take a risk for 4 to 6 weeks before getting the ongoing personal and financial satisfaction for their effort
•  No formal qualifications are required for this role

Application Details
Please send a short summary of why you would be a good candidate for this role with your contact information to or call Chris Freeman 07720884603 for more information.