Josh Finch

17 year old Josh Finch is a Rugby player from Bourne.

Most memorable achievement:

Being selected to play for Leicester Tigers U15s through their Elite Player Development Programme and putting on my first ‘players’ shirt was a huge achievement.


August Blog:

I have continued to train and play for the NLD (Nott’s, Lincs and Derby) U17’s squad, culminating in a starting place in the team for a match against Yorkshire.

As the Rugby Union season has now ended, I decided to join a League team that was being formed for the first time called the Grantham Gladiators. We went on to play against Derby and won 14-12 in our first competitive fixture.

As the season has now ended all my training shall be directed at fitness work and building muscle bulk ready for the new season, while continuing to train with the Gladiators.

March Blog:

In the last three months please list details from your last competition outlining achievements, results.

At club level over the last few months we have succeeded in our NLD (Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Derbyshire) Cup competition and have reached the semi-final to be held at Sleaford on April 1st against Newark – who we beat in the Final two seasons ago.

I have Captained two National 7’s competitions for Bourne Grammar School representing Lincolnshire at the highly prestigious All England Tournament at the London Irish ground. We finished third in the group. We returned to London for the Colts National Sevens at Rosslyn Park. This is the world’s largest rugby tournament and 160 schools took part at U16 level. We faced very strong opposition throughout and finished third in the group.

I’ve trained with the NLD U17’s squad, hopefully leading towards a place in the U18’s squad next year.

I continue with Leicester Tigers and now attend their Gold Group sessions once a month.

Please list any upcoming competitions including location, aspirations for the competition and training involved prior to the competition.

For Stamford RFC we aspire to win the semi-final outlined above and go on to win the Cup competition, the Final for which is on April 22nd at Newark RFC.

Any other information…

At the beginning of the year I was selected as Sports Ambassador for Bourne Grammar School, a role which includes a variety of responsibilities while using the home Olympics as a springboard to increase participation and interest in sport as a whole and promoting the key principles behind sport. This has been a privilege to be involved with as one other student and I had the responsibility of receiving and handing over our district’s Olympic Torch to other schools.

I also look forward to potential contact with Nottingham Rugby Academy which may take place over the next few weeks.