Daniel Fleming

14 year old Daniel Fleming is a discus athlete from Lincoln.

Most memorable achievement:

I have gained the Lincoln City and Colleges AC trophy, awarded annually for the most outstanding performance at the Lincolnshire track and field championships.


August Blog:

Gold at county champs

Gold at east of England championships

Gold at Anglian schools championships (41.20m PB) obtained qualifying standard for English schools however narrowly missed out on a place due to Lincolnshire only receiving 25 athlete spaces for the event. I was the 26th to my huge disappointment.

Bronze at north of England championships

Also won 3 out of 3 young athletes league, 2 out of 2 Lincs leagues, all school events and championships.

All in the lower year of the new u17 age group.

Today (north of England champs) was my last major competition of the year as I narrowly missed out on English schools nationals even after gaining the standard. And I was pleased to come 3rd considering majority of other athletes including the top 2 were in the second year of u17. Therefore training now returns to more conditioning work to try to increase my pb for the last few events of the season. My pb has been increasing by around 1m per month over the last 3 months.

I have really enjoyed the self-talk workshop and have been trying to use the techniques during competitions. Especially with being a thrower there is a lot of time between rounds to sit and think about the bad things but these workshops has helped me to settle my mental state between throws to give me the best chance for each attempt. Thank you!

March Blog:

In the last three months please list details from your last competition outlining achievements, results.

On the 24th of March I competed at Cambridge, that was my first competition of the season the winter 6 months having been spent on technique and strength work at home and the track. I finished second with a best throw of 38.31m which I was very pleased with as it’s my first comp with a heavier weight and the athlete who beat me was a year older and now ranked 2nd in the UK and I’m 5th , this will obviously change over the season.

Please list any upcoming competitions including location, aspirations for the competition and training involved prior to the competition.

Sunday the first of April is my next competition, it’s held at Grantham, I’m hoping for a win and an improvement on my last throw. Training before events in summer tends to be similar all year round, its mainly throwing in the cage as much as possible and just adjusting anything that needs a tweak. Winter training before the competitions n the summer is based on core stability and strength work normally with a medicine ball, as I’m moving into the lower end of the u17 age group it’s important for me to do as much as I can so I don’t fall back waiting for the higher group next season.

Any other information…

It’s my first year on leap but I already know some of the other athletes from school, county and other sports, and rugby players that I’ve been on a tour with. I’m looking forward to my first few workshops with LEAP as I think mental preparation is important and I’m prepared to take whatever help I can get.