Alice Meanwell

12 year old Alice Meanwell is a trampolinist from Lincoln.

Most memorable achievement:

I am very proud of the fact that I now compete internationally and that I have become county champion for the 5th year running.


August Blog:

I went to Cardiff on the 22nd April I got 21.80, as my set score and 27.90 for my voluntary score and 49.70 for my overall score, which I was very happy about as it was my first competition of the year.

My second competition of the year was Liverpool, for my set score I got, 21.10, and 26.40, for my voluntary score, which gave me a total of 47.50, placing me in 31st, which is better than I had hoped for.

My third competition was the best one; I came 2nd on the 24th June.

In the National competition in Birmingham my results were 22.000, for my set, and 27.400, for my voluntary and I was placed 43rd.

I have got Portugal Loule coming up as my next big competition, I have been training extra hard because I want to come in the top 10 again, as last time I came 14th out of 45. I have been going to training early, so it’s a one to one with my coach, so then I get a lot more done on my own, than when I am with the other national competitors, because there’s only me. After losing my biggest move, which is my half out, I have been really thinking about what moves to place in to my Portugal routine, but with help from my coach’s Rose and Liam, and some of my club friends, I have regained the move, and have worked them, almost every single training session I have had, and it’s all going to pay off in September, when I get to compete the move, in two different shapes, with confidence knowing that I can do it and that there’s no need to panic. I have also been learning a harder routine, which I have never competed before, but I am defiantly getting used to just going for something, because the coach is always right, when Rose tells me that I’m ready to take the mat away, I have to go straight for a half out without the mat coming in, its hard but once you’ve got it a phew times… you always want to do it, every training session, working them to get them harder. And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing to get ready for Portugal.

After doing the course with the positive thinking, it has really helped me with my routines, and new upcoming moves that I am preparing for, before I set of to do a routine, I always mutter to myself ‘just do it’ because it gives me that little bit of extra confidence to really try and impress the judges, to get the marks that I deserve. It also helps me when I get scared, learning new moves is terrifying when you haven’t really done them properly before, e.g. of the mat, or not having the coach stood on the side to give you that little bit of extra confidence, but when the coach goes you have to trust them that you’re ready, which was defiantly hard for me, after landing on my head three or four times, which was defiantly not fun! But rebuilding them from the very beginning and taking all the information you can from your coach, because at training session, your coach isn’t just your coach, their almost your second family.

Welsh gala Cardiff, 22nd April,

Liverpool, 3rd June,

For the county championships, I came 2nd, with a score of 21.000, for my set, and 28.300, for my voluntary.

National Finals, Birmingham NIA 7th July 2012 all results are registered on website and my results were 22.000, for my set, and 27.400, for my voluntary, and I placed 43rd.

March Blog:

In December I had the first round of the regional schools competition and I came 1st place, with a score of 53.3. I qualified for the zonal schools.

On January 14th I went to Shrewsbury for the zonal schools, and I came 8th place with a score of 47.3, I was very disappointed, because I only did 9 moves, instead of 10.

My first gala competition of the year was in Hatfield on January 29th and I came 32nd / 58, with a score of 49.7, and a personal best for me at nation C.

February 12th I went to Bath, and I came 18th / 37, with a score of 50.4, another personal best for me, and it also gave me the score to qualify for the nationals which was my main goal for this year!

My next competition was in Hull, but unfortunately I was ill and couldn’t go.

My training Is perfecting moves, my kick outs, my shapes and trying to fit in a double somersault into my voluntary routine.

During the Easter holidays, I was going on a three day course, to the best trampolining club in the country, to improve my moves and my shapes.

Upcoming competitions are, Cardiff in April, Dundee in May, Liverpool in June, then there is the county champion ships in June, most importantly, the national finals in July.

Really excited about the upcoming courses because I think I will learn a lot from them.