Lincolnshire Elite Athlete Programme

 LEAP – a programme designed to provide support for Lincolnshire’s talented sportspeople

LEAP is over nine years old, and during this time has provided support for athletes at all stages of their careers.

Famous names such as Ashton Turner, Shona McCallin, Georgie Twigg, Sophie Wells, Jack Harvey and Jade Etherington have been part of the programme as relatively unknown, but promising athletes.

Leap logo (black letters with an orange flame)

Firstaid4sport join LEAP as the programme’s first headline sponsor. Firstaid4sport is a Lincolnshire business working with local grass-roots sports clubs through to national level operators to support the safety of a sports environment. The ethos of FirstAid4Sport is focused around providing quality products, through excellent product knowledge and one-to-one personalised advice to customers to ensure this happens.

Firstaid4sport’s passion for athletes to receive the correct support to progress their careers complements the aim of LEAP, and will contribute to the further success of the beneficiaries of the programme. Click here to find out more.

There are two categories within LEAP 2017 to which athletes can apply. Athletes who are competing on the national (England) & international (Team GB) stage may receive up to £1000. Athletes who are competing at Lincolnshire County level for their sport may receive up to £250.

Funding Application

Applications for LEAP 2017 open on 1st June 2017. The closing date is 7th July 2017.

Applications are to be made through an online application form.

Please click here to apply.

LEAP Supporters’ Club

Click here for more information on how to support Lincolnshire’s talented sportspeople by becoming a part of the LEAP Supporters’ Club.

Information on LEAP 2016 Athletes