Inclusive Rounders Programme

Children with disabilities are encouraged to play rounders in schools across Lincolnshire thanks to the Inclusive Rounders Programme.

In 2011, Active Lincolnshires Partnership received funding from Short Breaks Lincolnshire to develop Wheelchair Rounders, using equipment within the Wheelchair Sports Programme.

Initially piloted in St Francis Special School in Lincoln, the pilot was a huge success with the launch of Wheelchair Rounders attracting local media coverage.

Wheelchair Rounders at St. Francis

The project has now been rolled out to six Special Schools in Lincolnshire, although as not all schools had enough wheelchairs for a 5-a-side game, the game has been adapted to suit the particular schools, equipment availability and disabilities.

Inclusive Rounders was created!

New rules were created to ensure the game was fully inclusive, including:

  • you can only walk while fielding
  • rolling the ball back instead of throwing

Since the project started in 2011, more than 150 people now play Inclusive Rounders on a regular basis, hitting the 1 x 30 minutes target.

Funding was also received from Sportivate to run sessions and a league.  Although the Sportivate target was to encourage 40 individuals aged between 14-25 years of age to play the game over six weeks, Inclusive Rounders was so successful that 82 participants attended over 75% of the sessions delivered.

How can I get involved?

If you think that Inclusive Rounders would benefit your school, community group or organisation, please contact Lynsey Norris