Disability Sport Player Pathways

Player pathways depict a person’s journey through activity and highlight the route they must take to reach the level they want to participate at.

Player pathways often begin at grassroots level, but due to low numbers of participation, disability sport is often not available at this localised level. The exception to this is sport and activity in an educational setting, like the School Games festivals.

This can make it difficult for people with a disability to firstly get into activity and also to know where to go next. Five different initiatives have been put in place to allow everyone a fair chance at progression through sport and activity. They are:

  • County Athlete Assessment Days (CAAD) – Pupils with a physical, sensory or severe learning disability are invited to a day where they are assessed in different sports. Active Lincolnshire has delivered CAAD days in the past.
  • Talent Camps – National Governing Bodies (NGBs) scout potential athletes and hold “talent camps” for specific sports in the areas where the child lives or go to school.
  • Change 4 Life – These are after-school clubs based in secondary schools. More information can be found on the Change 4 Life website.
  • Multi-sports clubs – These are clubs that aren’t sport specific. They include a variety of activities that focus on core skills, like hand-eye coordination. For more information go to our club database.
  • School Games – The summer and winter School Games are the Olympics for school children. Schools compete throughout the year for a chance to represent their school and zone at the final event in their sport. For more information click here.

Player Pathways in Disability Sport