South Holland Sports Forum

Sports clubs and organisations are encouraged to attend free support evenings in South Holland.

As a result of the South Lincolnshire Club Support Evening in Sleaford in October 2011, more forums will be held in South Holland for sports clubs to receive information and discuss their local needs.

The South Holland Sports Forum was re-established in February 2012 following a period of inactivity throughout the latter half of 2011, brought about by changes in personnel and a merger between South Holland and Breckland District Councils.

The group met in Spalding in March to discuss the changes to the District Council and what effect this would have on sport and the community in South Holland, as well as discussing what support was available for local clubs. Minutes from the meeting can be found below.

The group will meet again this summer and welcomes new members to attend.

LSP Representative:

Marc Rhodes
Telephone: 01522 585 580

South Holland Representative

Cllr Nick Worth
Telephone: 07866 415 688

Nect Meeting

The next meeting will take place with clubs from Boston, North Kesteven and South Kesteven at the South Lincolnshire Club Support Evening on Monday 8th October 2012.

To secure your free place, please contact Marc.