North Kesteven Sports Forum

Sports clubs and organisations are encouraged to attend free support evenings in North Kesteven.

As a result of the South Lincolnshire Club Support Evening in Sleaford in October 2011, more forums will be held in North Kesteven for local clubs to discuss their needs.

The first meeting was held in January at Carres Grammar School, Sleaford with 11 people in attendance.

Meetings will take place in January, May and October each year. It is free to attend. Please download the relevant booking form to secure your place for the next meeting.

LSP Representative:

Navaz Sutton
Telephone: 01522 585 580

North Kesteven Representative:

Andy Allen

Selection of clubs who have attended previously:

  • Slea Paddlers
  • Sleaford Maltsters Archery Club
  • Lincoln Asthma Swim Group
  • Sleaford Striders AC
  • Heckington Lawn Tennis Club
  • Laffletics club
Nect Meeting

The next meeting will take place with clubs from Boston, South Holland and South Kesteven at the South Lincolnshire Club Support Evening on Monday 8th October 2012.

To secure your free place, please contact Lynsey.