Community Sport Activation Fund

Following the success in Lincolnshire of the Inspired Facilities themed round from Sport England where Lincolnshire secured just under £1 million for facility development,  the next funding available is from the Community Sport Activation Fund – a £40 million Lottery revenue fund which forms part of Sport England’s Youth and Community Strategy 2012-2017.

A cornerstone of Sport England’s 2012-17 Strategy is making sure funding gets down to a local level where it is most needed and can make a real difference. The new CSAF is one of the ways Sport England are doing this and will help increase and sustain once a week participation in sport targeted at people aged 14 and above. The fund was launched on Tuesday 15th January 2013.

The Fund has been developed in direct response to a need expressed by local partners for flexible local funding to support grassroots activity. Sport England have worked with local authorities and other local partners to understand the difference that very localised revenue funding could make, and how they can maximise local opportunities to increase participation.

The vast majority of the fund will be awarded through five open funding rounds and full details of Round 1 are now available on the application portal at . This includes the prospectus, on line application, frequently asked questions and a pre application check list.

In Round 1 Sport England are looking to invest in a small number of strong, well-developed projects which can start to deliver by June 1st 2013. To achieve this timescale many of the factors for successful delivery (e.g. clear evidence and need, match funding, partnership approach) will already be in place with project ideas already well formulated.

The application portal for Round 1 will be open for a short time starting Monday 7th January, and closing on Monday 4th February.

In terms of forward planning, the application portal re-opens for Round 2 on Tuesday 7th May and closes on Monday 1st July.

All potential applicants should read the documentation on the application portal carefully and in full before deciding to apply. Also complete the Pre-application Checklist as this will help partners decide whether this is the right funding stream for their project.

It’s important to note that almost 90% of the funds will be allocated in Rounds 2 through to 5. Sport England are therefore encouraging applications to only be submitted when the best strategic case backed by local evidence, secured match funded resource, a partnership approach and a delivery plan for year 1 are in place. This will mean the application stands the best chance in what is likely to be a highly competitive environment. Sport England will only fund those bids which offer the best opportunity to invest in sustainable participation increases