Sportivate Case Study – Yarborough Target Shooting Club

Background to the project

A new Air Rifle and Pistol club has been started at Yarborough Leisure Centre; the club meets on a Friday evenings from 7.30-9.30pm in the small sports hall.

The club has applied for £1,100 of funding to run a Sportivate session before the club session as an introduction for young people to come and try a new sport. Funding has paid for two coaches to deliver sessions, buy some targets and pellets and do a big advertising campaign.

An initial link with the coaches during the Sportivate course will help the transition from Sportivate to club member.  Participants who complete the Sportivate course will receive their first two club sessions free of charge, as well as receive a free casual swim after each session at Yarborough swimming pool.

The new club is open to all age groups and abilities, if you do not have any equipment the club have a range of equipment available to use, which has kindly been donated to the County Association by Edgar Brothers, through Forrest Lodge Guns of Wragby. The club has also been supported by British Shooting with a start-up grant.

Members have learnt how to use the different types of Air Rifles and Pistols for shooting at different targets to suite your skill and ability, those that want to progress into competition, the club will be running a postal bench rest competition in the near future and members will be able to enter other postal competitions as well as county competitions held at other clubs across Lincolnshire.

What impact have the sessions had?

Target shooting is an alternative sport which many individuals would never normally have the opportunity to participate in. It gives the opportunity to become involved in sport without the fear of being different due to lack of fitness. It is also a sport which has attracted interest from many individuals witnessing the club at Yarborough Leisure Centre. During a recent open day a trial session was held which proved to be very popular and many asked if there was an opportunity to deliver coaching sessions. The sport is easy to pick up and is open to male or female participants regardless of age or ability, and adaptations are available to support all participants

Two schools in Lincoln have since wanted to run similar sessions at their school as they have proved so successful.


Dave Carter, County Development Officer and project co-ordinator says:

By receiving Sportivate funding we have been able to advertise out to the local schools in Lincoln and reach new participants to come and try shooting with a clear progression into the club if they enjoy it and want to do more”.

Participant, Francis Enright age 18 says:

“I have never tried shooting and I like coming every week and trying something new.”