Sportivate Case Study – Positive Futures Wheelchair Basketball

Background to the project

Positive Futures is a sports and activity-based inclusion project. The programme involves sport and physical activity sessions and is open to young people aged 8 to 24.

The scheme works by giving young people the opportunity to turn their attention elsewhere by engaging in a varied timetable of local opportunities, giving structure and support.

They applied for Sportivate funding to run Wheelchair Basketball sessions to the cohort of young people within the Gainsborough area. They received £1,200 to fund 12 weeks of coaching, purchase some equipment and put a volunteer through a level 1 coaching award.

The Positive Futures team consulted with various partners and 60 young people in the Gainsborough area. There is a distinct lack of inclusive projects within the Gainsborough area, so the sessions have been proved really popular.

The NK Jaguars Club in Lincoln has sufficient capacity to absorb new members and this will be the main exit route into sustained participation. The club is based in North Kesteven Leisure centre in Lincoln. The PF wheelchair basketball club will work closely with the NK Jags to establish an easy hand over of participants expressing an interest in finding an exit route to continue playing.

As the club is always looking for new members, incentives such as opportunities to take part in organised games as well opportunities to meet new people and experience competitive action have helped retain the young people.

What impact have the sessions had?

The young people who attend these sessions are now keen to try different sessions that Positive Futures are planning to deliver. The confidence has developed significantly over the weeks the sessions have been running, they have shown great teamwork and techniques and the staff have enjoyed seeing them develop.

They have been able to learn about disability and that people can play sport no matter what their disability.


Steven Snell, Community Sports Worker at Positive Futures and project co-ordinator says:

These Basketball sessions offer a different sport that these young people will have never seen let alone tried. We have been able to signpost the young people to a variety of new sessions and it has also provided staff a new found enthusiasm and develop new skills to support the young people to have an enjoyable time”.

Participant, Tommy Cox age 13 says:

“I really enjoy Wheelchair Basketball and the sessions are fun and exciting, I look forward to coming every week.”