Sportivate Case Study – Inspire + Golf

Inspire Lincs works with young adults with learning disabilities whose skills are slowly developing and who have benefited from the use of the tri golf equipment – ensuring success and lots of fun with the specially adapted clubs, balls and colourful equipment.

Sophie Hunter who is the PGA at Boston West Golf club has helped out at the sessions each week. For interest and to stretch the participants the local club driving range and short par 3 course has been a real success with the participants and has brought the group closer together.

The sessions have been a real triumph and the group have shown improved communication, learning to share and follow instruction whilst also learning to play individually and as part of a team.

“The funding has allowed us to buy a Tri-Golf set which has been brilliant for the group. All the group want to get involved and try this new opportunity.” Alison Willetts, Project Coordinator.