Sportivate Case Study – Bourne Golf Centre

Bourne Academy and Bourne Golf centre

Background to the project

After a successful Sportivate project at Bourne Grammar school, the PGA from Bourne Golf centre approached Bourne Academy to further the Golf opportunities in the area.

The Golf centre was successful in receiving £1,024 to deliver sessions at the school to provide coaching and purchase Golf Xtreme equipment. The PGA Darren Game has been working with the Head of PE at the Academy to promote the sessions to young people who wouldn’t normally think to try Golf and particularly to those young people who wouldn’t necessarily be selected for all the school sports teams to give them an alternative goal to strive for.

Bourne Golf centre was aware that there are very limited, if any Golf projects in the Bourne area and the Golf Xtreme programme that is being delivered breaks down many of the Golfing barriers that exists in communities. There are no other projects in the area that include all level /ability participation as there is with parents, grandparents and carers being able to participate with their children in a game of golf.

The use of the Golf Xtreme programme offers a school friendly version of the game of Golf. It can be quickly switched from skill development equipment to a trendy youth version that will appeal to the older school pupils. The initial sessions will be used to develop all ten skills associated with the game, including fitness.  A large part of the skill development will be through the use of carefully designed games that promote a relevant skill or stroke. Once all the golfing skills have been learnt or developed then ten sessions switch to ‘street golf’. These are game orientated sessions where the games or challenges are more associated with urban life opposed to a golf course. Trying to pitch the golf ball into a street bin or launch a soft golf ball through an open window for example could be activities that the students invent.

What impact have the sessions had?

These sessions have had both girls and boys take part in Golf. The average attendance is 10 per week with years 7 – 10 taking part. The young people have developed various skills over the weeks the sessions have ran including teamwork, communication, motor skills and also developed their fitness whilst most importantly having fun.


Darren Game, PGA at Bourne Golf centre and project co-ordinator says:

These informal Golf sessions are a great introduction for students who will probably never have played Golf before. They offer a pathway to the Satellite club that we are going to set up and the sessions are great fun for me and the students”.

Participant, Emily Horsted age 12 says:

“Darren makes these sessions really fun and I love playing Golf every week.”