Lincolnshire Summer Festival

Lincolnshire Summer Festival, part of the School Games series.

SAVE THE DATE – the Lincolnshire Summer Games 2017 will take place on Sunday 9th July.

The 2016 Lincolnshire Summer Festival took place on Thursday 7th July 2016. The Summer Festival included: Athletics, Boccia, Golf, Hockey, Pop Lacrosse, Rounders, Tennis, Swimming and Volleyball.

Find all the results from the event below. To view photographs of the event click here. You can also download last year’s results by clicking: School Games Summer 2015 results.

Lincolnshire Summer Festival School Games

2016 Results


Sport Results Rules and Regulations Useful links
Athletics MLD secondary  MLD Athletics  SG-Athletics-MLD-Super-8-Rules

Athletics SLD secondary  SLD Athletics  SG-Athletics-SLD-Rules
Boccia Secondary  Boccia SG-Boccia-Inclusive-Rules
Golf Yr 3/4  Tri Golf Y3  2016 SG-Golf-Tri-Golf-Rules
Golf KS2  Inclusive Golf KS2 2016 SG-Golf-Inclusive-Rules
Hockey Yr 5/6  Hockey  SG-Hockey-Quicksticks-Rules2
Rounders Yr 6 mixed  Rounders Y6  SG-Rounders-Rules
Rounders Yr 10 Girls  Rounders Y10 Girls
Tennis Yr 3/4  Tennis  SG-Tennis-Mini-Red-Rules2
Swimming Yr 3/4  Swimming Y3  SG-Swimming
Swimming Yr 5/6  Swimming Y5
Volleyball U15 Girls  Volleyball U15 Girls  SG-Volleyball-Super-Mini-Volley-Rules
Volleyball U15 Boys  Volleyball U15 Boys
PoP Lacrosse Yr 6  Pop Lacrosse  SG PoP Lacrosse 2016