Team building with the co-op

By Louise O'reilly on April 27th, 2018 - comments

On Thursday the 19 April Active Lincolnshire delivered a team building session for the co-op food development programme LEAP (Learn, Engage, Apply and Perform). Active Lincolnshire uses wheelchair basketball as a method for work forces to improve team cohesion and development in a fashion that participants find motivating and engaging.

As part of the session candidates, managers and staff met at Lincoln Minster School where they were prepped for their day long session of bonding and building skills for leadership. Over three hours they learnt how to manoeuvre the sports wheelchair, pass and move with the ball before taking part in a tournament.

Ann Fowkes, who helped organised the team event, said her colleagues thought it was the best team building event they had ever been to. Ann said “it was really worthwhile and fun. Great to see staff overcoming their initial apprehension and wanting to do it again as soon as possible”

Ian Brown said it was great to see the team members develop and become more confident. He saw participants who began the day feeling anxious and believing they would never be able to do anything like this in front of people, score for their team by the end. “It is great to see them with the biggest smile and saying they were so pleased they came and actually really enjoyed it”.

If you believe your work place could benefit from one of our team building sessions please contact Ian Brown: