Fitness mentors to boost police wellbeing

By Louise O'reilly on January 22nd, 2018 - comments

Lincolnshire Police are embarking on a new project to support the wellbeing of staff.


Officers and support staff often face difficult and stressful situations and the nature of that work is not something that can be avoided – but the Force believes it should do all it can to improve wellbeing and therefore better equip staff mentally and physically to deal with the challenges they face.

Introducing the project at Police Headquarters in Nettleham, Chief Constable Bill Skelly said, “Wellbeing has always been high on my agenda and so I am delighted to be taking this to the next level with the introduction of fitness mentors.
It’s not just about our people; it’s about the service we deliver. If we have people who feel good about themselves, they are going to deliver a good service.”

The mentors will provide flexible support and advice on how to get fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle and this will meet the specific needs of the individual. They will dedicate at least four hours a week to the role (two hours of which can come out of their duty time). As part of the programme, they work towards a level three certificate in personal training which will be delivered by the YMCA Lincolnshire.

The project has been developed in partnership with the University of Lincoln who will continue to have a role in ongoing evaluation. Dr Hannah Henderson, Senior Lecturer in Physical Activity and Health: “It is fantastic to see Lincolnshire Police putting the wellbeing of their staff at the forefront of their thinking. The physical and mental health of a work force is so important and the introduction of the fitness mentors demonstrates the commitment Lincolnshire Police are making to improve the wellbeing of their staff.”


Louise O’Reilly from Active Lincolnshire added: “We have been engaged with Lincolnshire Police on various areas of wellbeing and this new scheme shows how they are leading the way in the county in terms of improving opportunities for their staff to be more active. It’s so important that employers encourage physical activity as this is where people spend the majority of their time. This will form part of our new strategy.”

T/Insp Rachel Harrison developed the idea which originated from a scheme run by City of London Police. She said, “I am really excited to see this scheme launched and a big thank you to all of those people who have helped get us to this point. This is yet another example of how our Chief Constable understands the importance of investing in the Wellbeing of staff so that we can look after the community that we serve.”

Pictured from left to right: Louise O’Reilly, Chief Constable Bill Skelly, D/Sgt Philip Elliot, Kirsty James, Dan Rogers (Commercial Manager, YMCA Lincolnshire), Julie Bratton, PC Emma Nash, Trevor Mealing, Insp Jesbir Kumar, T/Insp Rachel Harrison, Julie Wilkins (Lincolnshire Police, Chief of Staff), Dr Hannah Henderson