Inactivty plans start to take shape

By Louise O'reilly on December 7th, 2017 - comments

More than 70 stakeholders came to our Annual General meeting on 30 November to take part in the firsfrontcovert stages of writing the county’s strategic plan for physical activity.

Representatives from business, local government, sports and leisure, health and the voluntary sector heard the latest insight from data specialists PressRed on population trends, demographics, activity trends and where the focus areas were in terms of tacking inactivity.

Lisa Harrison from Active Lincolnshire commented: “It was extremely positive to hear so many stakeholders endorsing the plan to get our county more active. We are just at the beginning of collating the data and prioritising focus areas, so we welcome any partners who didn’t attend on the day to get in touch with us and share their knowledge.”

Andy Clayton from Ruddocks of Lincoln said: “Representing the smaller business sector, I found the presentation from PressRed enlightening. It highlighted the difficult task ahead of Active Lincolnshire in prioritising the things that will make the biggest impact to inactive people. It also showed that if we are focusing on the 45 – 60 year olds, then all businesses all need to get involved if we are going to see a real shift in activity levels.”

Karen Parsons from Involving Lincs was representing the voluntary sector: “The challenge of making physical activity central to modern life is enormous. This was really brought to life at Active Lincolnshire’s AGM and it showed that whatever priorities we choose to focus on, everyone has a role to play in creating change. I think that my sector will be a key strand of the new strategy as the people needed to deliver change will come from local communities and charities.”

If your organisation did not attend and you would like to contribute, then please do get in touch with us.
Contact Louise O’Reilly on 01522 730 325 ext 203.