Lincolnshire Cycling Campaign Gathers Speed

By Zoe Conville on July 6th, 2016 - comments

An innovative road cycling campaign called Share the Road has taken off since its launch in Lincoln yesterday.

Cycle-related road accidents are always increasing in Lincolnshire, so Lincoln-based photographer, film maker, cyclist and organiser of Lincoln Bike Night, Phil Crow decided to do something to tackle the problem.

The Share the Road campaign encourages cyclists and motorists to use the roads safely, together.

Phil said: “I wanted to present a balanced argument to try and show motorists and cyclists that, with a bit of care and thought, we can all use the UKs roads carefully and safely.

“I regularly cycle and drive on Lincolnshire’s roads. It’s a wonderful county and always great to see more and more people out on two wheels. However, I am always amazed by some of the incidents and near misses I regularly see.

“My hope is that this film can go some way to raising awareness of how motorists and cyclists can share the road and hopefully reduce some of those incidents.”   

The Gadget Show’s Jason Bradbury is on board

Having spoken to the emergency services and to Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, Phil put together a short script back in October 2015 and Share the Road began to take shape. He even brought in TV presenter and children’s author Jason Bradbury who will front the campaign.

Phil added: “Everyone has been really positive about what I’m trying to achieve and when I got Jason Bradbury to agree to present it I was beyond pleased.

“I just want as many people as possible to take a few minutes, watch the film and share it with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, email etc. and if this saves just one life, then I’ve done my job.”

The Share the Road campaign has its own car sticker which is hoped will help raise its profile. There is also a film about the campaign online. You can watch it below and share it with your friends and family across social media.

For more information follow @sharetheroad_uk and @digitalcrow on Twitter or use the hashtag #sharetheroad.