Macmillan Practitioners Smash Stepathon Target

By Zoe Conville on June 30th, 2016 - comments

Macmillan duo Fiona Roche and Aaron Hall smashed their Lincolnshire Show Stepathon target last week.

The Get Active Feel Good pair set a target of taking one step for each person affected by cancer in Lincolnshire – a total of 56,000 steps each.

The duo put in a valiant effort, smashing their 28,000 steps a day target by collectively walking over 112,000 steps across the two day Lincolnshire Show.

After the event, Fiona said: “The challenge was a challenge but we did it. Our feet were tired at the end of the two days but it was very poignant walking the last few steps thinking of all the people in Lincolnshire diagnosed with cancer.

“We got all the people in the Macmillan tent to join the challenge and anybody we chatted to at the show. I think the most that was walked in the terms of people in the tent was 17,000 and they found that difficult as they made a conscious effort to walk about more.”

Macmillan set up a social media campaign to encourage people to join in and visitors to the Lincolnshire Show didn’t disappoint, joining Fiona and Aaron on different legs of their challenge.

The Macmillan Physical Activity Practitioners noticed that many people underestimated how much work has to be put in to meet even 10,000 steps a day – the amount of steps that should be taken a day recommended by the World Health Organisation.

Fiona added: “The feedback we got was people didn’t realise how difficult it was to do 10,000 steps in a day which is recommended. We think it has made people more aware that they need to move more and sit less.

“A quick walk at lunch, parking your car further away at the supermarket and walking short distances instead of jumping in the car are all ways of meeting this daily target.”

Well done from everyone at Active Lincolnshire to Fiona, Aaron, and everyone who joined in with the Get Active Feel Good Stepathon to raise awareness of cancer.

If you are affected by cancer and need help staying active call Active Lincolnshire on 01522 730325 or email