Reap Activity Rewards – Get Paid to Move

By Zoe Conville on May 25th, 2016 - comments

We all love sport and activity here at Active Lincolnshire and our philosophy is to make more people to be more active, more often.

But some of you are probably wondering why on earth you should strap on some trainers and go for a walk when there’s last night’s Britain’s Got Talent to catch up on and three seasons of Game of Thrones recorded on the Sky Box begging to be watched back-to-back.

Well, there are major health benefits to being active. It can be sociable – you can meet new people – and overall it can make you feel more confident in yourself.

But if being in shape, bulging biceps and the possibility of lifelong friendships still doesn’t tempt you into signing up to the gym, what if we told you being active can actually be profitable to you? I bet that’d get you moving!

Bounts is a free fitness rewards app that gives you points – called bounts – that can be converted into vouchers.

The app connects to you via your smartphone or fitness tracker and records when you’re being active. So whether you’re jogging on the spot during the Coronation Street adverts, or you’re working your butt off down the gym, it all counts towards rewards.

Once you’ve earned enough points, you can convert them into vouchers that can be used at a whole host of shops, attractions, supermarkets and restaurants including: Alton Towers, Pizza Express, Amazon and Cineworld. A full list is available on the Bounts website.

With a free account, Bounts rewards you five points per day for three different activities – steps, tracked, exercise, and checking in at the gym. So the best part is it’s all down to you – you control exactly how much activity you do, what activity it is and where you do it.

There is also the option to upgrade to a £15 per year Premium+ account. This version of the app offers four times more points than a free account for doing the minimum amount of activity, and 12 times more points for doing 21,000 steps in a day, three 20 minute exercises and three check-ins at a gym or sports centre.

However, if 21,000 steps is just too many (the NHS say the average person takes 4000 steps a day!) Bounts does offer extra rewards for recommending friends, linking your account to your social media profiles and through its reward wheel (you get one credit every time you complete a qualifying activity.)

So, come on, get off your sofa and get paid to move! For full details, terms and conditions visit the Bounts website.