Not Just a Walk in the Park

By Zoe Conville on May 13th, 2016 - comments

Every week in Welton a group of men relive their youth as they take part in the fastest growing sport in the area.

At 11 o’clock on Thursday mornings, a walking football club get together at Manor Park Sports Club.

Peter Hayward, from the club, said: “The age range is 50 plus and everyone has played football in their youth to a decent level – but that’s definitely not a requirement. 

“Walking football is good because it gives people an opportunity to exercise as much as like. Of course, we always meet for a drink afterwards too!”

Two big differences between ‘normal’ football and the walking version of the game are that you cannot run, and the ball should be kept below head height.

Walking football provides an alternative way to exercise and there is also the opportunity to socialise in the pub afterwards.

Anyone is welcome, just turn up on the day and join in. For full details email