Clubs wanted for ‘beasting’ staff sports challenge

By Hayley Cook on February 1st, 2016 - comments

Aaron HallTwo members of staff at Active Lincolnshire are looking to take on physical challenges at sports clubs in 2016.

Macmillan Physical Activity Practitioners Aaron Hall and Fiona Roche will attend one sports or activity training session per month, where trainers can challenge (or beast*) them with their sports or activity.

*Beast. Adjective: To physically and emotionally destroy someone’s will to continue through physical interventions. Noun: A wild animal with aggressive behaviour.

In return, Aaron and Fiona ask for 2-3 minutes to talk about their project – Get Active Feel Good Lincolnshire – where they’ll distribute a few leaflets and free t-shirts.

Sports clubs can benefit by taking photographs and generating interest on social media.

If your club fancies the challenge – and would like to see Aaron and Fiona take part in your sport – contact Aaron on 01522 730 325 or by email.