Matthew Broughton


What motivates you?

Other swimmers from my club

What does your training schedule look like?

8 – 9 times a week

What is your golden rule when it comes to fitness?

Try not to miss any session

What’s your proudest sporting moment?

Probably when I won my first East Midlands medal – goal in the 100m breaststroke

Where is the best place you have been with your sport?

First major open meet at Ponds Forge, although I didn’t win any medal I finally thought I had stepped my swimming up on a big level

What is your favourite food?


What is your ultimate goal?

To try and go as far as I possibly can with swimming – hopefully Olympics

Which app do you use the most?

Snapchat/Instagram/you tube

Who is your inspiration?

Don’t really have one, but big fan of Michael Phelps

Do you have any tips for other athletes?

Don’t let school get in the way especially with swimming